Several times each year, we bring in world class talent for special events. Look at the "Upcoming Special Events" on our home page. These events showcase the best talent in the country and usually come with special pricing. Look at the flier for the special for details.

Generally, special bands play a three dance weekend:

Occasionally a special band will play a 2-dance weekend at the Denver and Zesty dances.

These special dances, which occur two or three times a year, are different than our annual Rocky Mountain Rendezvous dance and music weekend every Labor Day weekend. Rendezvous showcases multiple bands and callers, includes dancing and workshops morning, noon and night, includes many meals and snacks, and is held at the Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Road, Boulder. Find the Rendezvous webpage here: Rocky Mountain Rendezvous.