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Welcome to CFOOTMAD, your information source for contra and traditional dancing and music around Boulder, Denver and the Front Range.

What is Contra Dancing?

Contra dancing is social, community dancing where everyone is welcome. It's easy to learn, everything is taught, and no dance experience is necessary. There's no need to bring a partner (we typically change partners for each dance of the evening), and all our events feature great live music. Most include a free lesson which is all you'll need for the evening. You can make new friends and have fun in a friendly welcoming crowd. Contra dancing is highly energetic and aerobic. See the links below for more explanation about the details and history of contra dancing.

Attention dancers: Please do not wear black, hard-soled shoes on our wood dance floors. They leave marks on the floor that are costly to clean up. Also, please leave your fragrances at home as some of our dancers are highly sensitive. We appreciate your cooperation.

See our Advice for New Dancers.

Click here for our PDF on dancing etiquette.

Click here for the Wikipedia article on Contra Dancing.

Click here for a National Public Radio feature on Contra Dancing.

Click here for a video montage of contra dancing by Doug Plummer.

You can find lots more information and videos online... just search for "contra dancing".