Larry Unger, Andrea Early, Rodney Sauer
Half Pelican (Andy Reiner & Joy Adams)
The Brownsville Thomcats
String Key Incident
Sandra Wong and Frederic Pouille
Sandra Wong & Fredric Pouille
Royston Hunget & Teri Rasmusson
Wild Asparagus
Joel Hayes, Rodney Sauer, Amy Self
Rodney Sauer & Deb Carstensen
Royston Hunget (fiddle), Sherilyn Urban (cello), Teri Rasmusson (piano)
Elixir and Buddy System
Half Pelican (Andy Reiner, Joy Adams) + Rodney Sauer
No Dance
Rhythm Raptors
Rodney Sauer & Julia Hayes
Royston Hunget- fiddle Phil Norman- Cello Teri Rasmusson- piano
Carolyn McCaskey and Ben Cohen
North Valley Tune Tanglers
Royston Hunget (fiddle) and Barb Kirchner (keyboard)
The Parson Sisters
Temporary Topologists
CL Morden and Rodney Sauer
Baba Yaga's Stew: Lucia Thomas and Dianna Davis
Deb Carstensen, Eric Olson, and Barb Kirchner
Barb Kirchner and Mark Brissenden
Royston Hunget, Ed Secor, Teri Rasmusson
Dance Cancelled!
Deb Carstensen, Rodney Sauer and Ed Secor
Julia Hays & Teri Rasmusson
Andy Reiner & friends
The TuneMongers
Roma Ransom
Elizabeth Wood & Ben Cohen
Sandra Wong and Ben Cohen
Toss the Possum
Adam Goldstein (guitar), Kenny Martinez (bass), Nerea Gourlaouen (fiddle)
Trio Zorillo (Rodney Sauer, Ben Cohen, Julia Hays)
Julia Hays, Ed Secor, Teri Rasmusson
Tina Gugeler & Friends
Nerea "the Fiddler" and Ken Malave
Nerea The Fiddler & Ben Cohen
Julia Hays, Tina Gugeler, Ben Cohen
Brissenden, Hayner, and Weis
Joel Hayes, Ed Secor, and Teri Rasmussen
Rodney Sauer, Julia Hays, Ed Secor
The Barn Raisers
Nerea the Fiddler and Teri Rasmusson
Musicians for the Ethical Treatment of Possums (Julia Hays, Tina Gugeler, Ben Cohen)
Julia Hays & Ben Cohen
Andy Reiner & Adam Goldstein
Andy Reiner, Adam Goldstein, Alice on Bass
Cieran Morden and Ben Cohen
Sandra Wong & ?
Deb Carstensen, Tina Gugeler, Rodney Sauer
Variety of Bands
Andy Reiner & Brett Kretzer
Cieran Morden and Marty Smith
Royston Hunget, Barb Kirchner, Ed Secor
Julia Hays, Ben Cohen, and Cieran Morden
Ed Hall & The MegaBand Allstars
Nerea The Fiddler & Tony Branch
Royston Hunget & Ben Cohen
Perry Street
Craig and the Drifters - Jake Loew (fiddle), Willie Crooke (concertina & bass), Peter Romero (piano)
Rodney Sauer, Joel Hayes, Ben Cohen
Rodney Sauer, Joel Hayes, Mark Brissenden
Cieran & Evan Morden and Rodney Sauer
Avourn-ish (Adam Goldstein, Alice Alister, and Rodney Sauer)
Joel Hayes, Adam Goldstein, Jeff Haemer
Julia Hays & Keith Barnhart
Adam Goldstein, Joel Hayes, Ed Secor
Ed Secor & Friends
Cieran Morden & Jacob Chen
Rhythm Rangers
Nerea The Fiddler & Friends
Questionable Decisions (Ed Secor & Friends)
Corwin & Grace
Corwin and Grace--Touring band from the UK!
Julia Hays, Tina Gugeler, Teri Rasmusson