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Boulder Teri Rasmusson 720-352-1770
Denver Duffy Boyle 303-882-9361
Family Dance Teri Rasmusson 720-352-1770
Waltz Night, Viki Lawrence 303-913-2534
Westminster Patricia Danscen 303-827-5828
Zesty Caroline Fuller 303-444-9801
Music Jam & Megaband Duffy Boyle 303-882-9361
DANCE VOLUNTEERS Coordinator Pam Brown 303-317-7835
FOTD LIAISON Paul Somlo 970-353-6340
GRANT WRITER Caroline Fuller 303-444-9801
HOTLINE VOICE Paul Somlo 970-353-6340
MEMBERSHIP Coordinator Nancy Reindl 303-914-0309
MUSICIANS Representative Mark Brissenden 303-458-1496
NEWSLETTER Editor Paul Somlo
SOUND EQUIPMENT Custodian Mark Brissenden 303-458-1496
SPOTLIGHT Feature writer Helle Hill 303-451-5155
TREASURER Sue Horne 303-746-8198
BOULDER DANCE COALTION LIAISON Teri Rasmusson 720-352-1770
WEBMASTER Duffy Boyle 303-838-5269

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