Many dance communities are switching to gender-neutral language, in order to promote inclusivity and encourage new, young, and diverse dancers. If you are curious about experiencing this evolving form, now’s your chance! Our experimental Boulder dance will be run the same as always: the usual familiar contra moves danced to the excellent quality live music we’ve come to expect. The only difference is that the terms “larks and ravens” denoting the Left and Right role positions will be used in place of the usual gendered terms “gents and ladies.” As always, anyone is welcome to dance any role, and those who want to dance their usual role are completely welcome to. We only need remember that a rose by any other name smells as sweet.

Experienced dancers who would like to try a different role (whether this eve or any other), please come to the pre-dance beginners’ lesson where you can try out the few role-specific moves with gentle repetition.